Oyak Renault Introduced New Clio

Renault’s legendary model Clio’s fifth version new Clio, has introduced to the press at Turkey’s largest manufacturer of automobile and engines factory, Oyak Renault Automobile Factories and the ceremony was held simultaneously with the world launch at the Geneva Motor Show. While H + K Turkey conducted the communication activities, General Manager Antoine Aoun hosted the event which the project director Gökhan Deniz, project team and 18 journalists from Bursa local press attended. The new Clio, which has been preparing for production in the Oyak Renault factories in the strictest confidence for more than a year, and was highly anticipated, has been introduced to both Bursa press and the national press through these simultaneous ceremonies. As a result, we secured coverage on top tier national newspapers. In total there are 53 pieces of print coverage, and 296 pieces of online coverage. 4 different channels covered the story.​
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Office: Istanbul